Single Arm_Leg Cable Row
Test out this full body workout!

Perform 3 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise.

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Single Arm Cable Chest Press

Grab a cable with one arm and face away from cable machine.  Using a split stance, one foot forward and one back, extend cable away from your chest, then return back to a 90 degree angle. Keep core tight and try not to rotate through the hips.
Single Leg/Single Arm Cable Row

While facing the cable machine with handle in one arm, begin to pull eblow back behind hip, performing a rowing/pulling motion while standing on one leg. stability.   Keep a slight bend in your of the standing leg. Do your best to limit rotation from your shoulders.
Stability Ball Plank Mountain Climbers

Using a stability ball that’s pressed up against a wall, perform a straight arm plank.  While holding the plank bring one knee towards the ball then switch.  Tighten up through the core to ensure you are not arching your lower back.
Kettlebell March
Keeping the kettlebells at shoulder level and march by bringing your knee up to hip height.  Keep your abs tight and your chest up.  Focus on introducing some fatigue (about 20-30 sec), but not going over 1 minute.
Regeneration Ask a fitness specialist for some ideas!