This work out will tighten and tone!

Perform 3 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise.

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Step Up to Reverse Lunge

 Step up with one foot to the bench. Step back down with opposite foot and do a reverse lunge with the same leg that stepped on the bench. Repeat on same side.
Dumbbell Thrusters

Hold dumbbells on shoulders with palms facing each other. Descend into a squat and push dumbbells overhead in one motion. Pull your bellybutton to your back and elbows extend to ears. Repeat by going back to the squat.
Slow Glider Mountain Climbers

Using the purple Glider discs, put one on each foot. Go into hand plank and bring one knee to your bellybutton. Slowly extend back while keeping back stable and switch to other leg. Go slow!
Battle Rope Burpees
Hold ropes in both hands. Keep stance wide with chest up. Pull ropes up to shoulders and slam into the ground, then kick legs back to a burpee and pop up to slam the ropes again.
Regeneration Ask a fitness specialist for some ideas!