Engage your muscles in a new way with the Kinesis machine.  

Do 4 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise.

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Chest Press Stand with staggered stance facing away from Kinesis. Grab vertical handles, bend elbows slightly and pull together – like you are giving someone a hug.
Anti-Rotational Static Hold Stand perpendicular to the machine with both hands gripping one handle. Take a few side steps to create tension on the cable. With the handle at sternum level, next to the body, press straight out in front of you. Return close to the body. Repeat facing the opposite direction.
Single Leg Deadlift Stand on right leg, hold weight in left hand. Keeping right knee slightly bent, hinge at the hip, extend your left leg behind you. Continue to hinge torso until you are parallel to the ground, Return to an upright position, completing all reps. Switch sides.

Reverse Fly

Start facing machine. Grab vertical handles. (The right hand will grab the left side and the left hand will grab the right side so the cables are crossed). Pull arms to the side and back – keep elbows slightly bent.