What’s Tuina?

What is “Tuina”? This classical Chinese method of external therapy (pronounced “twee-nah”) is a favorite of our new massage therapist, Cristóbal Roberto, LMT. In this video, he explains his approach to bodywork, which includes Tuina, as well as some of his inspirations. Cris is new to the center and now accepting new clients! Ready for a massage? Book now!

Prefer to read about Cris and Tuina?

Tuina is a 2000 year old traditional massage system from China. While the methodology can vary, due to the practitioner or the needs of the client, the modern method of Tuina combines the best of eastern and western knowledge about the body, health and well-being guided by the same principles as Acupuncture, Yin Yang theory with the use of the meridian systems throughout the body. Tuina is primarily used to treat specific problems rather than just for relaxation. Conditions treated include: sports injuries, work-physical and mental stress, frozen shoulder, sprains, neck and back pain, and much more. Tuina is also successful in treating many types of internal problems including digestive, immune , respiratory, reproductive and circulatory disorders.

You can read about scientific explorations of the use of Tuina here.

Cris expands further on his bio:

My practice integrates medical massage, Tuina, sports therapy, and orthopedic bodywork, specialized in helping people rehabilitating musculoskeletal health. My experience has been centered around active communities, athletes, working professionals, performers and pre/postnatal care.

In my experience health recovery is multilayered: deeply therapeutic bodywork paired with rest, movement, nutrition are key to foundational healing. No single approach is right for every individual, and so I have actively trained in a range of modalities to address my client’s needs. A typical session is very treatment focused, including a mixture of therapeutically deep work, mobilization, and stretching that is focused on a client’s physical pains and overall health goals.

My initial training at Denver Integrative Massage School emphasized Thai massage, prenatal and sports massage with extensive work with diverse populations. I then sought to expand my Thai bodywork knowledge gaining several certificates in advanced Thai bodywork from Nephyr Jacobson of the Naga Center (Portland, OR). My passion for growth took me to Touch Tuina (London UK). Undertaking intensive clinical training at this busy treatment-centered clinic, where I supported several professional athletes and injury rehabilitation. I obtained certificates in orthopedic massage, sports acupuncture, advanced cupping, and a variety of supporting therapies.

I have since worked for several years as a busy on-site therapist in a variety of professional settings with specialized work in track-side athletic care. Prenatal and postpartum care has been a continual inspiration which I continue to specialize in.

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