The Number One Activity You’re Missing in Your Workout Routine

For people living in Colorado, summer means fun in the sun and outdoor activities like running, hiking, or biking.  Though these activities get you moving, you may have overlooked something that will keep you moving and able to enjoy the summer in the long term. You may want to go go go, but recovery is part of the work hard and play hard Colorado mindset.

Why is Recovery So Important?

Recovery can be just as important as the actual workout.  Think about a time in life where you were under a lot of emotional stress.  Maybe it was big project at work, maybe it was moving cities, or a challenging relationship.  Remember how that made you feel?  Anxious, exhausted, muscle tension – any of those ring a bell?

Now, consider the demands of everyday life, plus your training – in the gym and out.  While this places a good sort of stress on the body, it’s still stress.  Your body responds similarly with all stress, often leading to fatigue and muscle tension.  This is why in order to stay healthy and active, recovery needs to be part of the game plan.  Otherwise, you risk overtraining, injury and/or burnout.

How to Incorporate Recovery into your Workout

Massage isn’t simply a way to treat yourself once a year.  It is actually one of the best ways to help your body recover.  Both Deep Tissue and Sports Massage combat cumulative stress, reduce fatigue and keep your body functioning optimally which will help you stay active all summer (and year) long and move you closer to your goals, faster.



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