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It’s March. You’ve been working on your resolutions for two months now, right? You’ve got this, right? If you are like many of us (even people in the fitness world), you’ve probably gotten overwhelmed and fallen off the path a bit. It happens. and that’s ok. You already know what it takes to get healthy. You also know that the commitment, change, and hard work that it takes can be overwhelming when you attempt to do it all on your own.

The good news is that you are NOT alone. At the CU Anschutz Health & Wellness Center, our members are our all-star players, and we’re a team of trainers dedicated to helping you commit to change on your own schedule. We call that schedule the Wellness Pathway. Our Wellness Pathway is where your journey to good health begins. With the help of an EXOS-certified trainer, you’ll build a plan of action that’s based on four essential pillars of good health: Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, and Recovery.

Using those four pillars, we help build out your journey to improved health. You’ll notice the improvements in these six dimensions of wellness:

1. Physical fitness. Your ability to perform functional movements affects your everyday life. With our plan, you will SEE these changes. (Get a baseline test at our Functional Movement Workshop!)
2. Metabolic fitness. Super-charge your metabolism with purposeful exercise. We’ll give you the plan, you’ll see the results!
3. Diet and Nutrition. Learn how what you eat can fuel your workouts, and your life. When you follow a fitness plan, you can see the effect on your diet, and the effect of your diet and nutrition on your fitness! Want more in-depth guidance on nutrition? Schedule an appointment with our Registered Dietitians!
4. Sleep. Rest and recovery are essential for good health, both body and mind. You’ll definitely see an improvement in your sleep schedule. Don’t be surprised if you sleep harder, and feel better when you wake up!
5. Stress. Some stress is essential, but too much can be detrimental. Balance is the key. Even more, our physical training can help you develop the resilience to handle stress. We also offer mindfulness classes!
6. Quality of Life. Good health will improve your quality of life more than you ever thought possible. We won’t be able to show you this on paper, but trust us. You will see it.

Are you ready for the all-star treatment? With the right team at your side, encouraging you to do a little more for your health each day, you’ll never be alone on the journey to health and wellness. Our EXOS-certified, personal training floor staff members are just waiting for the chance to help you maximize your workouts and get just a little bit closer to your goals each day.

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