Wellness Victories – Scott’s Mindset Shift

Scott’s Before Photo

Healthy living wasn’t always a habit for Scott. One of the biggest challenges he faced in changing his lifestyle was eliminating excuses. “We all have excuses as to why we can’t work out or eat right. In order for anyone to transform themselves, you have to plan ahead.”

After watching, his wife dedicate a week to Destination Boot Camp here at The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, he realized she was serious about transforming her own life. In order for her to be successful, he knew he would need to be supportive which meant following her diet and working out.

Over a year later, Scott’s life looks a bit different than in the past. “My biggest victory (besides the weight loss) has been changing my mindset on how to treat my body.” Scott has gone from what he articulates as an “angry person” to a motivated, driven, and a regular here at the center. “I thought I would never be a gym rat, but coming to the gym is actually fun.”

“Even though I did not know it at that time, I was an angry person. Being overweight and unhealthy, a person puts up a wall and sets limitations to everyone. Now I feel more outgoing after losing the weight.” – Scott Maestas

Scott says that living as a healthy and confident person is what drives his motivation to continue on this path as a member of our fitness center, and joining us for daily workouts.

What are Scott’s tips to success?
• Reading food labels “I was surprised at what and how much I used to eat.”
• Meal Planning
• Watching Portion Sizes

Of course, all these changes rest on the biggest motivator and support system – your own mindset. Scott’s story is a great example of how you can use mindset to achieve change in your life.

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