Pam’s Plan for Wellness Success

CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center member Pam Dougherty shares her key to success for ongoing wellness

Pam Dougherty shares her Anschutz Health and Wellness Success Story

What was your personal “why” for committing to changes in your lifestyle? Found myself getting stiffer and less flexible as I’ve aged. Received report from my doctor that my cholesterol is high. Every year put on a few more pounds and a few more pounds etc., etc. Desire to be that woman who is still healthy and fit when I’m 90+.

 What has been your biggest challenge(s) along the way? Starting from scratch after not working out for the past 10 years. Retraining my mind to be in sync with my body. My mind likes to tell my body it can’t do that (exercise) without even trying.

What do you consider your biggest personal victory? Ability to get on and off the floor without assistance as well as weight training which I never imagined myself doing.

In what ways have you been transformed since joining the Center? I can walk into the center and not feel embarrassed or ashamed of my age and weight. I’m actually looking forward to working out which is something I NEVER thought I’d say.

How has the Center helped you to be successful?  My personal trainer Diane Shields has been an inspiration and an incredibly supportive coach and mentor. She’s great at explaining the why and how of what of the exercises and has helped me accomplish things I wouldn’t have tried without her

What are your personal keys to your success? Right now having Diane as a personal trainer! Diane is key to the getting my mind and body in sync thing. Her questioning (can you do 5 more?) and encouragement (you’ve got this) as well as reminders (you’ve done this before) make it possible for me to convince my mind that my body can accomplish the task.

Tips others might learn from you? Consider a personal trainer. If even for a month.   The difference is life changing having a professional trainer like Diane who embodies the vision of health and wellness reach your own personal goals. I truly believe if I hadn’t chosen to work with Diane I’d still just be doing the things I’m familiar with, walking on the treadmill & riding the bike as opposed to dead lifting and other weight lifting.

 What is your motivation to continue on this new path you’ve started? My balance continues to improve. While I haven’t seen a drastic change in my weight, yet, I’m stronger and can feel the changes in my body and I like it.


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