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Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Discover Your Path to Wellness

Our science-based wellness assessments and expert guidance help you find your path to achieve balance so you can live the life you want.

Understand Your Starting Point

To offer a more focused approach with a true starting point, we’ve developed a comprehensive Wellness Assessment and Report. This gives you a 360° view of your six dimensions of wellness, including:

Physical Fitness

Metabolic Fitness

Diet & Nutrition



Quality of Life

Pathway to Wellness

Pathway to Wellness

Once you complete the Wellness Assessment and receive your personalized report, you can meet with a wellness expert physician to dig deep into the results. Together, you’ll create a plan that’s connected to why you want to be well and what you want to achieve in your life.

Start your journey

Wellness Fitness Package

Wellness Fitness Package

To put your plan into action, combine your Wellness Report and consultation with nutrition and personal training. You’ll meet with one of our registered dietitians to create a dietary plan specific to your needs, followed by a personal training session to enhance your fitness routine.

Be Fit & Well

Wellness Performance Package

Wellness Performance Package

Let your Wellness Assessment and Report build your athletic performance. Starting with your consultation information, we test your lactate threshold in our Human Performance Lab to understand your unique target heart-rate zone. We then combine this information with a sports nutrition consultation for a full picture of how you can achieve new athletic heights.

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Customize Your Wellness Package

Talk with our Wellness Concierge to customize a package of services that meets your unique needs.


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