Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition &  Lifestyle

Lifestyle and Nutrition Are Critical to Well-Being

We all know that what you eat and your lifestyle play important roles in your overall wellness. What you may not know is how these factors affect your mental and physical health and what you can do to improve.

Nutrition Research is our heritage

Our team of over 100 researchers provides the foundation of expertise you need to understand your current nutrition so you can make easy, positive changes to immediately improve your overall wellness.

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    Get a Dietary Assessment

    With our state-of-the-art dietary recalls, we can analyze your food intake over the last 24-72 hours so you can learn how to improve your diet. Add a consultation to develop a comprehensive plan.

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    Find Your Nutrition Pathway

    Fine-tune your diet and learn to make healthier choices during a one-on-one consultation with our lifestyle concierge. An individual 45-minute session with a registered dietitian will follow to take you step by step through your new healthy plan.

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    Ramp Up Your Sports Nutrition

    Jumpstart your sports performance by learning the right mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats that can enhance your routine. Our experts will explain fueling strategies, hydration and electrolyte needs to enhance performance in any sport.

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    Get lean, fit and strong

    Try our Well Prep package, which includes two BOD PODsĀ® (body composition assessments), four sessions with a registered dietitian, 16 personal training sessions and a behavior change consultation to advance your wellness journey.

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Customize Your Nutrition Package

Our Registered Dietitians and Wellness Concierge can customize nutrition packages to meet your unique needs.


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