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Body Composition & Metabolism

Body Composition & Metabolism

Understand Your Body and Your Metabolism

Knowing your body’s composition and metabolism will give you what you need to achieve your goals of wellness or optimal athletic performance. You and our experts will have the critical information to structure your program and monitor your results. Knowledge is truly power.

Trust Advanced Tools Play

Trust Advanced Tools

Choose one of our advanced tools to uncover your body’s composition of fat versus fat-free mass and to learn how many calories your body burns daily.

DEXA Scan is the gold standard

DEXA Scan is the gold standard

DEXA uses x-rays of two strengths to measure the density of tissues in two dimensions. You’ll receive a report illustrating how much fat and lean tissue is in each body part (arms, legs and trunk), as well as a measure of total body fat. Pair this with a nutrition consultation to improve how you feel.

BOD POD® tells it all

BOD POD® tells it all

The BOD POD® is a quick and easy test that measures body composition. You’ll learn your body’s percentages of fat and fat-free mass and leave with a better understanding of how to set goals to maintain or increase your lean mass. Select a nutrition education consultation to develop a comprehensive plan.

Don’t Just Blame Your Metabolism

Don’t Just Blame Your Metabolism

Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the amount of calories (energy) that your body uses at rest. Even when resting, your body needs to support its basic functions, such as heartbeat, breathing and maintaining body temperature.

But unlike other ways of estimating your RMR, we directly measure your individual metabolism. Our metabolic cart measures your caloric needs by assessing the amount of oxygen inhaled and carbon dioxide exhaled, which determines calories expended. Once we know this, we can set specific daily calorie targets to achieve your goals.

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