Weight Loss Success Story: Woman Loses 48 Pounds in 16 Weeks Through State of Slim

My name is Rose Patch, and I recently participated in the 16 week State of Slim Weight Loss Program at Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC). 

I chose State of Slim over other weight loss programs because I felt that the program looked at weight loss on a more holistic level by integrating the mind and body.

Our coach, Marsha Miller, is like a conductor to our orchestra. She empowered each of us and taught the class that changing your diet is not the only thing that helps a person lose weight. It’s about changing our lifestyle, increasing our exercise, and changing your mindset! 

In the 16 weeks, I lost 48 pounds total, AND not only do I feel healthier physically, I feel happier with who I’ve become.

Rose weight loss comparison

Fitness changed the way I live my life

In addition to attending the weekly classes, a few of us participated in the State of Slim Group Fitness sessions with one of AHWC’s personal trainers, Mike Mattox. I felt like this was a perfect and necessary piece to include in my program. I became more energetic, and I was motivated to train for a 10k power walk race at the end of my 16-week class. 

In fact, I was able to take a minute off my time during the race, walking at a 14.5-minute mile pace. This was a BIG DEAL for me!

Receiving support makes a difference

One of the things I want to emphasize is the support from other State of Slim participants in my class. Without encouragement from this small but empowering group of people, I’m not sure I could have succeeded.

We were and still are all in this together and, we have continued to support each other by getting together for coffee, sharing our progress/challenges, and taking walks together.

What’s next?

I am now in the state of “Weight Loss Maintenance” because I have lost the weight I set out to lose and a little more. So, for now, I am focusing on maintaining my weight.

One of the ways I am maintaining is by continuing to work with my original personal trainer, Mike Mattox. He makes sure I am doing the exercises with proper form, so I don’t get injured, which I value very much! He also pushes me to do better, and at the end of our sessions, I always feel fantastic and my mind feels calmer.

The State of Slim program has really changed my life in more ways than one. I am genuinely grateful to coach Marsha, Mike, and my team to help me achieve my goals so I can live a healthier and happier life! 

Looking at my future goals, I am still training for 10k races, I’m looking forward to hiking a 14er in the summer and possibly, becoming a mentor for someone coming into this marvelous program!

Learn more about State of Slim and start your journey today!