Let the Wellness Pathway Guide Your Results

Your success is personal and we get that. Our unique approach is designed to unlock your success. Everyone who walks through our door has the opportunity to meet with our wellness team and get the Roadmap to Wellness.



Our four pillars of health are Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery. During our initial meeting, we use this philosophy to develop a plan for your needs. Our experience with thousands of members and elite athletes alike allows us to apply the science of movement with world class coaches to uncover what moves you. We recognize success isn’t found in just one of our pillars, but in the balance of them all.



This isn’t a one-time contact approach. Our goal is to get to know our members so we can better adapt to their needs and provide support, accountability and education.

You will leave our session with:

  • A clear indication what step one is to move in the direction of your goal(s)
  • A workout that supports overall goals
  • Additional content based on assessment (i.e. foam rolling handout, correctives, mobility, time efficient workouts)
  • A team member that will work alongside you to provide accountability and support for the entire first month. No question goes unanswered, and you will know best options going forward.



The partnership between CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and EXOS puts you in the best position to take control of your health. We drive, support, and celebrate one another together, allowing us to deliver results and unlock your success.


Are you ready to unlock your success with us?