Want the Best Workout? Join a Group Program

For many people working out in a group will yield the best results. Why? Well, there are lots of reasons, but here are our top five:


#1 Goals become reality 

Working out in a group creates accountability. You are more likely to follow through when you share your goals and make them public. The other members of the group will drive you to succeed and you’ll help drive them.


#2 Working out becomes fun (as if it wasn’t already) 

Throwing a few more people into the mix along with an expert coach, adds instant variety and expands your own library of knowledge to take with you long after the workout ends.


#3 Someone is there to watch your form 

Safety first. Catching the little glitches in your own form (that make a big difference overall), are harder to pick up on when you are left to evaluate on your own.  An expert coach will help to improve technique and prevent potential injury, and you’ll learn tips and tricks from everyone in the group.


#4 Added support 

It’s one thing bailing on your own workout, but it is much harder to say adios to the gym for the day if you are letting others in your group down.  Social support is a powerful tool and adds to the consistency of workouts – especially on days your mind is trying to talk you out of a workout.


#5 You’ll push yourself more

Most of us have at least a tiny bit of competitive nature in us.  Healthy competition can be a good thing in this case!  Watching others work hard, provides motivation to push yourself and continually improve.


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