Vail Vitality Center partners with Anschutz Health Center

VAIL — Until very recently, targeting individual fitness training zones using personal heart rate was an exercise in guesswork. Most athletes — amateur and professional — have used the pulse-based calculation, or consulted a trainer, coach or fitness expert to determine their target zone, or they’ve simply done what “feels good.” Unfortunately, for many, this method may be doing more harm than good. Professionals at Denver’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, specifically the Human Performance Laboratory, have introduced research that supports an entirely new performance testing platform applicable to everyone from elite athletes to the average human hoping to improve his or her health. This new testing shows that many people hoping to optimize performance — or weight loss, or fitness level — are actually overtraining, flooding the body with harmful toxins that produce the opposite result; their bodies are literally breaking down. There is a new tool available, however, that can improve individual health and fitness for life: comprehensive physiological and metabolic testing available at the Vail Vitality Center


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