UV Filtration System Offers Healthier Alternative for AHWC’s Pool and Spa

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center’s pool and spa are now operating with an upgraded ultraviolet (UV) filtration system. The UV filtration system is a healthier alternative to chlorine and significantly decreases the amount of chemicals necessary to keep the pool and spa balanced. Some of the benefits of UV filtration include:

  • UV filtration kills 99.5 percent of hot and cold water pathogens like bacteria, algae, and viruses
  • Chemical additives are reduced by 90 percent
  • UV eliminates disinfection byproducts
  • Improved water clarity
  • Improved chemical balance means fewer pool and hot tub closures
  • Decreased eco-social impact

Try out our pool in one of our aquatics fitness classes! See this month’s group exercise class schedule HERE.