Trainer Spotlight: Mike S.

This February, our theme is Movement. Every Tuesday this February, we’ll introduce you to one of the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center employees who a part of the team that helps you MOVE.

Meet Fitness Specialist, Mike S.

1. Why did you become a trainer?
“I originally became a fitness trainer because I loved to workout myself. But as I got more into the career, I really began to enjoy the “people” aspect of the job. I like helping people incorporate exercise as a regular part of their lives in order to improve both their mental and physical health and wellness.”

2. What is unique about your training style?
“I am certified as an MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) Jumpstart specialist. This unique skill allows me to address a client’s area of pain or dysfunction by assessing any range of motion or strength discrepancies they may have. With MAT, clients will often see an improvement after just one isometric treatment on the therapy table.”

3. What can your training clients expect when working with you?
“My clients can expect to be pushed beyond their comfort zone while being assured that they will always be using proper form and control. In other words, they will work hard but always stay safe.”

4. What is your key to staying motivated?
“I am always looking to learn more, get better and improve in whatever I do. I teach my clients to have the same mentality.”

5. What is the benefit of working with you for personal training?
“I am reliable, and I really care about my client’s success and their continued improvement.”

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
“I love donuts and pizza…in moderation. :-)”

7. What workout accessory could you not live without?
“My headphones, I need my music when I work out. Usually listening to EDM or hard rock.”

Interested in working with Mike? Give us a call today: 303-724-9355