Trainer Spotlight: Mary Y.

Did you know that we host interns interested in learning more about all things fitness? Meet one of our interns, Mary Young, and find out some of her favorite parts about working at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center! Next time you’re here, be sure to say hello!

What is your role as an Anschutz Health and Wellness Center intern?
My role as an intern is to learn about fitness programming, how to apply and administer fitness programs, and gain an understating of the basics of working in a community fitness center.

How long will you be interning?
I will be an intern until May 17!

What is your favorite thing about working here?
There are so many things that I like about working here! My favorite thing is the fun environment, members, and staff.

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment you like to use at the Center?
My favorite piece of equipment is the TechnoGym SkillRun or the battle ropes.

Why do you want to become a trainer?
Four years ago I found my passion for health and fitness when I first stepped into a gym. I worked with a trainer for two years and was inspired by the work I saw her and other trainers doing. I loved seeing people working on themselves and getting healthier. I want to become a trainer so that I can help others on their health journey and becoming the best version on themselves.

What is your key to staying motivated?
My key to staying motivated is to make it fun. When you make something fun, you take care of motivation. I also like to use music to motivate myself when nothing else is working.

What is your guilty pleasure?

What workout accessory could you not live without?

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