Trainer Spotlight: Lauren H.

Meet one of CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center’s longtime Fitness Specialists and Spartan Race lover, Lauren H. Learn more about this familiar face!

1. Why did you become a trainer?
“I decided to become a trainer after an injury during my soccer career in college. I realized the importance of mindset and how that can enhance or derail your performance. I wanted to be able to share that mindset shift with others!”

2. What is unique about your training style?
“We will have fun… but we will get work done!”

3. What can your training clients expect when working with you?
“Clients can expect to be taken through a systemized approach to making sure their body is functioning optimally. We will learn the importance of a balanced approach to exercise.”

4. What is your key to staying motivated?
“Finding races/runs like the Spartan to do throughout the year to challenge me!”

5. What is the benefit of working with you for personal training?
“We will make it fun! Fitness is not a chore and we might actually laugh. :-)”

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
“Pretzel M&M’s by the pound.”

7. What workout accessory could you not live without?

Interested in working with Lauren? Give us a call today: 303-724-9355