Trainer Spotlight: Jon N.

jon nicholson He’s a California native, with a “no quit” attitude. Get to know more about AHWC’s newest fitness specialist Jon Nicholson.

Where is your home town?

“I am from a small town called Bishop, California that is 45 minutes south of the huge ski resort Mammoth Mountain. I graduated in a class with around 150 students and we skied and snowboarded on the weekends.”

What made you become a trainer?

“I told a Fitness Director at a job interview that I wanted to become either a bartender or a personal trainer. I wanted the healthy path of a fitness lifestyle while encouraging others versus the other path of late nights and a louder atmosphere. I never looked back and to this day I help current and former clients out in their daily lives.”

What is unique about your training style?

“I love to help encourage and uplift each and everyone that I come across. Their goals become my goals and together we work as a team. The unique style of how I train is just like climbing a hill or a mountain: it takes putting one foot in front of another and executing. I encourage the person to be the best that they can in and outside of the gym to push themselves hard and when it is time to work, it’s time to work.”

What can training clients expect when working with you?

“I will not let a person give up and I help encourage them to believe in themselves. I was in the military and we always had a “no quit” attitude. I carry these military values with me in my daily life as well as in my training. I encourage, motivate, and help keep my clients accountable. This will lead to success as they have a coach and example to lead them towards the path of success and happiness.”

What’s your favorite piece of equipment to use at the AHWC?

“My favorite piece of equipment is the set of rowing machines for cardio, core and full-body movement alongside the TRX bands. I also like to add a few burpees in between to add some spice alongside the Versa Climbers.”

What motivates you?

“We can either be in a competitive stage in our life doing things like marathons, tough mudders or Spartan Races, or we are training for life in general. We don’t know what life is going to throw at us, so we might as well go in strong and be the best version of ourselves.”

Name a bucket list item you have.

“I would love to visit every single baseball park within the United States and enjoy something unique from each park.”

What song would be included in your life’s soundtrack?

“‘Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw. It reminds us to always stay humble and kind, don’t hold grudges, use manners, and respect others and our elders.”