Trainer Spotlight: Bethany B.

Meet CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Trainer, Bethany Busch, and get to know more about what inspires her to guide clients on their fitness journey.

1. Why did you become a trainer?
“My strongest “why” is losing my mother to cancer during my senior year of high school. My family and I struggled with weight my entire life. Going from fad diet to fad diet with little help. As a year-round Southern Californian fastpitch softball player, my parents had no background in sports nutrition or exercise training. I did not grow up in a household with a fitness background. I pursued my exercise science career to help those who grew up in a household like I did, having no exercise background and not knowing where to go for help without judgment. I started by coaching young athletes to give them as many tools as I could to help them excel in their sport. I have since expanded my experience to all populations.”

2. What is unique about your training style?
“I have been in the same or similar situations that drive people into the gym. This allows me to be incredibly empathetic and meet them wherever they are on their journey. Also, I have worked in every population and change my style to meet the demands of who I am working with.”

3. What can your training clients expect when working with you?
“To always have a good time while also getting a good workout specifically designed for you.”

4. What is your key to staying motivated?
“Lifting heavy weights where I can feel strong and powerful after every workout I complete. No matter how insane life gets, lifting something heavy makes me feel accomplished.”

5. What is the benefit of working with you for personal training?
“I come from multiple styles of training that include different ages and populations, training systems, and years of schooling in exercise science and exercise physiology.”

6. What is your guilty pleasure?
“Playing on my PS4.”

7. What workout accessory could you not live without?
“Earbuds and phone!!! I live my life through music.”

8. What are some of your favorite hobbies?
“Dancing, photography, and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.”

Interested in working with Bethany? Give us a call today: 303-724-9355

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