Trainer Spotlight: Austin N.

A background in Exercise Science and a love for ice cream. What’s not to love about Fitness Specialist, Austin Neuerburg?

Why did you become a trainer?
“Ultimately, I wanted to help our community become healthier. My goal as a fitness specialist is to help educate our community about the benefits of regular physical activity and proper nutrition.”

What is unique about your training style?
“My training is unique because I work with all my clients on proper exercise, proper nutrition, having a healthy mindset, and also how to promote healthy recovery for the body. Being “healthy” has many components to it and I work to improve my client’s quality of life through multiple avenues.”

What can your training clients expect when working with you?
“My clients can expect a safe, effective, and enjoyable pathway to their goals. I will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to become successful in your health and wellness journey. My degree in Exercise Science and extensive background in Nutrition has provided me with the knowledge be a successful trainer and health coach.”

What is your key to staying motivated?
“My key to staying motivated is knowing that I can lead a happy, healthy, and quality life through proper physical activity, nutrition, and recovery. I can help prevent disease, obesity, and many other negative health factors by taking care of my body.”

What is the benefit of working with you for personal training?
“You will be educated every step of the way! I give all my clients the knowledge and tools to become successful and lead a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to educate you as much as possible to ensure you are training safely and effectively on your own.”

What is your guilty pleasure?
“My guilty pleasure is ICE CREAM! I absolutely love ice cream. I occasionally reward myself to some ice cream after having a healthy and active week. But remember, everything in moderation, even ice cream!”

What workout accessory could you not live without?
“My snowboard and my hiking boots! I think it’s extremely beneficial to find a hobby that incorporates physical activity. Colorado is such a beautiful and active state, get out and enjoy the outdoors!”

Interested in working with Austin? Give us a call at 303-724-9355 and talk to one of our Wellness Advisors!