Therapist Spotlight: Mandy M.

We have a new bodywork therapist joining our team! Get to know more about Mandy Musso including what she specializes in and her guilty pleasure.

Why did you become a massage therapist?
People are important to me and so is their wellbeing. Massage therapy is a way for me to serve clients while offering them an alternative route to better health, body function, and structure.

Do you specialize in a particular form of massage?
I specialize in deep tissue, sports, prenatal, myofascial, joint range of motion, trigger point – all of which I am looking to continue to master.

What is your favorite part of your work?
Working with clients is always my favorite part of my work and knowing that their sessions were beneficial.

What is the benefit of working with you for integrative bodywork?
I care a great deal about helping clients heal and have the desire to tailor each session to what is best and necessary for overall health.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Aside from eating anything made of chocolate behind a locked bathroom door (because I have a toddler), I love to dance and drink wine.

Name some of your hobbies!
Love to cook and bake. Took a stab at cake decorating once upon a time. I hope motherhood counts because that has been my biggest hobby since 2004 when I had my first child.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you??
Most people don’t know that I love to sing because it’s usually in the shower and I’m a bit shy about it.