Therapist Spotlight: Paige R.

Paige Roberts

Welcome our new Massage Therapist, Paige R.!

Why did you become a massage therapist?
I was drawn to massage therapy because of its unique opportunity to support people on multiple levels, from the physical to the emotional to the social. I entered the profession in my mid-twenties shortly after receiving massage to help manage shoulder and back pain from a reconstructive surgery at age 19. I was amazed at how much we accomplished with these less aggressive techniques, and as I dove in, I became fully aware of the other benefits of massage for supporting my nervous system and even working with emotional trauma. One of my favorite books is called The Body Keeps the Score, and it illuminates the delicate interconnections of our physical being with our beliefs and experiences of conscious and subconsciousness. I love this book because it is a reminder of the depth of work that can be reached when using the body as a lens, and it is this lens that we work with in massage.

Do you specialize in a particular form of massage?
I specialize in integrating barefoot deep tissue (aka Barefoot Ashiatsu) with vacuum cupping therapy and neuromuscular therapy.  Barefoot Ashiatsu (a distinct modality from “Shiatsu”) utilizes the broad surface of the foot and body weight to deliver a deep, steady pressure. It also utilizes long strokes where the therapist may fully elongate the spine or work all the way from the foot to the shoulder with one stroke. As a result, many clients who are averse to a typical “deep tissue” massage are able to accept and pressure; the broadness of the foot in barefoot Ashiatsu is gentler than an elbow or a thumb.  Because it relies on body weight that is applied slowly, barefoot Ashiatsu also achieves significant changes in range of motion in some cases, particularly in the shoulder band and the hips.

When barefoot work is not appropriate, I will utilize soothing strokes from a Hawaiian technique called Lomi Lomi.  This style primarily uses the forearm to deliver broad, long strokes. In all of my sessions, I prioritize helping clients move out of pain while balancing their need to relax.

What is your favorite part of your work?
I am deeply fulfilled by bringing clients relief, supporting them and getting to know them along their path to improved wellness.

Where did you grow up, and what did you do before coming to AHWC?
I grew up along the front range of Colorado.  I have been a massage therapist for seven years, both part- and full-time.  Before joining AHWC, I worked at a boutique spa in Estes Park alongside my small business in Longmont, CO.

What can clients expect from their sessions with you?
My clients can expect my full attention, focus and care.  I strive to be both effective and affective, supporting them as a whole person.

What are some of your hobbies?
I am an avid mover. I particularly enjoy yoga and gardening, as well as outdoor adventures to along rivers, streams and lakes with our dogs.

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