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Balance to build a stronger foundation! Perform 3 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise. Have a question? Ask a fitness specialist while you’re here! Tag us on Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts of this Workout of the Week: #WOW #workoutoftheweek @anschutzwell Pillar Prep Check out our post on Pillar Prep to get warm-up ideas! Bosu…

Why Everyone Should Get a Functional Movement Screen

Have you been chasing the same fitness goals for years now, with no luck? Are you doing the same exercises every time you work out, but you’re not seeing any results? What about discomfort while performing daily activities like walking up the stairs or picking up a weighted object off the floor – ever experienced…

5 Must Try Classes to Mix Up Your Group Exercise Experience!

They say variety is the spice of life, but many of us tend to get stuck in routines when it comes to fitness. Why not mix things up a bit with one of our group exercise classes? BODYPUMP Looking to improve your body composition, bone density, and metabolism? BODYPUMP is a FUN, effective must-try class! Studies…

Stand Up Straighter, Be Stronger!

In a society where we spend hours on end sitting at a desk, looking at our phones, driving in our car, and slumped over on the couch, it is no surprise our back and shoulders ache, our necks are stiff, and we lack the energy to get through the week. Good posture is just as…

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