Success Story: Rose Patch

I participated in the 16 week State of Slim Weight Loss Program in June through October of 2018. I chose this program over other programs because of what I read in the ‘State of Slim’ book. I felt it looked at weight loss on a more holistic level, integrating mind and body, which just made sense to me! It is not just changing your diet that helps a person lose weight but more so changing your lifestyle, increasing your exercise and changing your mindset that makes this program so successful! In the 16 week period, I lost 48 pounds total AND not only do I feel healthier physically, I feel happier with who I’ve become.

Along with the weekly group classes, led by our coach, Marsha Miller, a few of us from the group participated in the State of Slim Group Fitness sessions with personal trainer, Mike Mattox, as well. I felt like this was a perfect and necessary piece to include in my program. I became stronger and in doing so, it motivated me to start my own training to power walk a 10k race at the end of my 16-week class. Which I did! I was able to take a minute off my time during the race, walking at a 14.5-minute mile pace. For me, this was a BIG DEAL!

I want to address the amount of support within my State of Slim team who are the group of people who joined me in this weight loss journey. Without this group’s support and encouragement, I’m not sure I could have been successful. We are all in this together, I really felt that during our 16 weeks and I still do! And so, we are continuing that support for each other now through getting together for coffee, sharing our progress/challenges and sometimes, taking walks together.

I am now in what is called “Weight Loss Maintenance” because I have lost the weight I set out to lose and actually, a little more. So, for now, I am focusing on maintaining my weight where it is presently. One of the ways I am doing this is by continuing to work with my original personal trainer, Mike Mattox, at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. He helps me by making sure I am doing the exercises correctly so I don’t get injured, which I value very much! He also pushes me to do better and at the end of our sessions, I feel like I got an awesome workout and in doing so, my mind feels calmer.

I also chose to include Dr. Holly’s Next Steps classes to help keep me accountable as I was transitioning from my 16 week State of Slim program. This class brought my “lifestyle learning” to a whole different level! It really helped me look at the bigger picture of weight loss and I hope to continue these classes in the future.

This whole program has really changed my life in more ways than one. I am truly grateful for Dr. Holly, Coach Marsha, Mike and my team for helping me achieve my goals and in teaching me how to live a healthier, thus happier life! Looking at my future goals, I am still training for upcoming 10k races, I’m looking forward to hiking a 14er this summer and possibly, becoming a mentor for someone coming through this amazing program!