Strength Training with Brady

Each week, one of our trainers will give you a new workout. This helps ensure you vary your routine, try new things and steer clear of those plateaus!

Safety first!

These exercises are intended for healthy adults capable of safely performing the exercises demonstrated herein. Not all exercises may be appropriate for your current level of fitness. You understand there may be health risks associated with activities requiring physical exertion; as such, perform these exercises at your own risk. Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Consult Fitness Center staff if you have questions regarding these or other appropriate exercises for your current fitness level.

Strength Training with Brady

Contrary to popular belief, Brady and Thor are not the same. Proof points? Brady doesn’t yield a magic hammer or wear an enchanted belt. He gets his strength the good old-fashioned way… he works for it!Strength training with Brady






















Exercise Class Exercise Sets / Reps Comments
Cardio Walk or jog 4 laps Low intensity to get warmed up
Upper Body Push Push-ups 3 sets / fatigue Fatigue = a few reps short of failure
Upper Body Pull Dumbbell row 3 x 12
Lower Body Push Medicine ball squat 3 x 12
Lower Body Pull Kettlebell deadlift 3 x 12
Core Stability Hip bridges 2 x 15
Cool Down Walk and foam roll major 2 laps / foam roll
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