Staff Spotlight: Jared

Welcome new Fitness Specialist Jared Laxner!

Jared Laxner recently joined the fitness center’s personal training staff and we are so excited to introduce him to the AHWC community! Originally from Byron, Illinois, Jared most recently resided in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he completed his Master’s in Kinesiology with a focus in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After graduating in 2019, Jared went on to teach kinesiology as a visiting professor at his alma mater for two years while also maintaining a private personal training practice. Read on to learn more about Jared:

Why did you become a trainer?
I love helping people make a healthy change for the better in their lives! It is such a rewarding feeling seeing the happiness and confidence growing in others that I help train.

What can clients expect when training with you?
Clients can expect a high-level training regimen that considers the proper science of training, but will also be fun and enjoyable! I listen closely to my clients’ needs and teach them new things to help make not just short-term changes, but rather develop healthy habits for a lifetime. I truly enjoy my connections with each client.

What advice would you give others on their fitness journey?
The biggest thing is consistency! Take that leap and get started on any physical activity that you enjoy—one step will lead to others. Also, never be afraid to ask questions; knowledge is power, and we trainers are happy to answer questions to help you out.

What motivates you?
My motivation comes from not wanting to lose the ability to do what I love. I don’t just work out because I must, rather I train and live a healthier lifestyle so I can be fit enough to enjoy soccer, hiking, camping and have a healthy body to travel and interact with family and friends.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
My favorite hobby is soccer! I played in college and continue to play as much as I can. I also enjoy spending time with my big family (middle kid of seven) and friends, hiking, camping, working out, traveling and trying new places or activities locally or at travel spots.

Jared’s areas of specialization include:

Strength and conditioning
Functional training
Conditioning and cardio training
Weight loss
Sport-specific training
Injury prevention
Mobility and flexibility

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