Small Steps Toward Big Change

If you’re having trouble getting going in 2018 and improving your health seems like an insurmountable wall, remember this important fact: You don’t have to scale Mt. Everest right out of the gate.

Take it slow and commit to yourself you’ll do something today that starts small.

Big changes will happen if you simply start by taking small steps. A great way to get started on a path to health is to just get up and start moving, so start by taking a walk and let it grow from there.

You burn roughly 100 calories for every 1,500 steps you take in a day. How many steps did you take today?

If you took 6,500, you’re on pace with the average American (the average Coloradan takes 7,500). Try taking an extra 1,500 steps today. It won’t take much time at all, so no excuses!

Woman walking along a rural pathHere are 10 activities you can enjoy and tally an additional 1,500 steps (or the equivalent) at the same time:

Walk (slow pace, like walking the dog) for 15 minutes, and you’ll be happier (and your dog will be too!)

Join a pickup basketball game and play for 11 minutes

Hop on a ride share bike (Ofo or LimeBike are both in Denver now) and go for a 7-minute (or more) ride.

Do about 7 minutes of circuit training (you can get started with this FREE GUEST PASS and try out the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in January)

Cook dinner. Believe it or not, when you cook dinner in an average size kitchen, you’ll tally 1,500 steps in the kitchen for 30 minutes.

Throw Frisbee with a friend (or the dog . . . the dog needs exercise too!) for about 16 minutes.

Clean the house for about 15 minutes. It’ll be good for you, and your house!

For every 5 minutes you jump rope you add 1,500 steps, so grab a rope and start jumping!

Dig in the dirt, and you’ll net 1,500 steps in about 12 minutes of gardening.

Hit the slopes (or the tracks) downhill skiing for 8 minutes or cross-country skiing for 7 minutes.


Are you ready to “DO a little more”? If so, try these tips for doing a little more for your body, mind and spirit.

REACH a little higher. DO a little more. START here.

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