Strong for the Slopes: Meet the Coaches

We caught up with coaches Jimmy Pritchard and Emily Meier to learn more about their backgrounds in winter sports and why they are excited to lead Strong for the Slopes this year!

AHWC: Do you prefer skiing or snowboarding?
Emily Meier (EM): Skiing!

Jimmy Pritchard (JP): Skiing, of course.

Jimmy SkiAHWC: What is your background/experience in skiing/snowboarding?
EM: I grew up in Michigan, where the winters are long, and the snow is plentiful. If we weren’t ice skating on the pond at the end of our street, we were snow-tubing or skiing. I started taking ski lessons on Saturdays at Cannonsburg Ski Area when I was in elementary school. I took a single snowboarding lesson around that time at Crystal Mountain but ultimately decided I preferred skiing. My aunt and uncle also had a family home in Vail that I spent time at as a child. I took a bit of a hiatus in my older years as my focus was on different sports. However, during a trip to Vail in 2016, my love for skiing was reignited. I moved to Colorado in 2017 and picked it back up.

JP: I’ve been skiing since I was 6 years old, born and raised in Colorado!

AHWC: What is your go-to snack while skiing/snowboarding?
EM: My go-to snack varies, but usually some sort of trail mix or a protein bar is at the top of my list.

JP: A nice cold adult beverage and some pizza.

Emily SnowAHWC: Where is your favorite place to ski/snowboard in Colorado?
EM: Vail.

JP: So many good places to choose from, but I’d probably have to say Vail since it is closest to home for me.

AHWC: What is your favorite story or memory from a time that involved skiing/snowboarding?
EM: My now-husband lived in Vail for the 2019-2020 season. It was the best (until the pandemic hit). There was no better feeling than waking up to fresh pow and walking to Gondola One from his apartment.

JP: My favorite memory of skiing is when I got to go watch the US Women’s World Cup race at Beaver Creek called Birds of Prey and cheer on a bunch of the athletes I was fortunate enough to work with.

AHWC: Why are you excited to be leading Strong for the Slopes?
EM: This will be my fourth year coaching Strong for the Slopes. There is no better feeling than getting feedback from participants about how strong and conditioned they felt by the time the slopes open. My goal is for each participant to get the most out of every run, and this program helps achieve that.

JP: I’m excited to be helping other people get ready for something we are all extremely passionate about and train in a fun environment with awesome people!

Are you ready to get Strong for the Slopes?

This ski and snowboard conditioning series, with in-person and virtual options, will help keep you safe on the slopes and get you in the shape you need to make laps until the lifts close. Participants should be intermediate to advanced skiers and/or snowboarders. Members should sign up via the Member App or by visiting the Front Desk. Sign up soon – classes start on September 22!

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