Robert & Raymond

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  • Small town twins from Monett, MO, work the same factory job, complete each other’s sentences
  • At age 13, mother went to prison, father left
  • Left alone, they devoted themselves to raising their two sisters
  • Looking to reclaim their athletic youth, their transformation journey begins at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
  • Through their unbreakable bond and with the help of Dr. Holly, the twins set out to transform their lives

Dr. Holly’s Insights

Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss is finally here and boy, did the premier start out with bang! When I met Robert and Raymond, they were actually waiting outside of the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center at sunrise, before the center opened because they didn’t want to miss a second of this opportunity. There were so many times when they could have made excuses and lived with a victim mentality, but they chose to be the hero in their own movie.

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If you’re ready to experience change like Robert and Raymond, check out Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp. It’s a program I developed with the same principles used on EWL during boot camp. You’ll come to Colorado for a week with me, just like the participants on the show, and then go home where we help you live it out. My blog has lots of success stories with people like you who have transformed with DBC!

Below is my video blog of Robert and Raymond’s journey as I break down principles key to their success. Each week I’ll be pointing out highlights from the episode that you can apply to your own life.