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Participate in Research

Participate in Research

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If you want to help others while helping yourself, participate in one of our many research studies. Select a topic that interests you, see what’s involved in the study and find out if you qualify.

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Weight Loss & Metabolism

Weight Loss & Metabolism




Nutrition, Metabolism & Appetite

Nutrition, Metabolism & Appetite

Brain & Appetite

  • Exercise Research Study – Volunteers needed for a research study that will examine the effects of different forms of exercise on appetite regulation

Nutrition & Metabolism

Nutrition, Obesity & Cancer

  • There are no studies currently looking for participants in this category. Check back later.
Physical Activity & Inactivity

Physical Activity & Inactivity

The Effects of Exercise on Appetite Regulation in Overweight/Obese Individuals

Volunteers are needed for a research study to examine the effects of exercise on food intake and appetite regulation.


The B.U.R.S.T. Research Study

This research study plans to learn more about how short, frequent periods of physical activity affect your health.

Fetal Environment & Pediatrics

Fetal Environment & Pediatrics

Breast Milk and Infant Growth and Body Composition Among Healthy Mothers, Obese Mothers and Mothers with Diabetes

This research study is examining how a mother’s size and diabetes status may affect her breast milk and infant weight gain. We’re looking for pregnant mothers who plan to exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least the first four months of life.

Randomized Trial of Diet in GDM: Metabolic Consequences to Mother and Offspring

This research study is examining two different healthy diet types: a lower-carbohydrate diet and a higher-, complex-carbohydrate diet to determine which diet might be best to maximize mother’s and baby’s health. We’re looking for pregnant mothers who have been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) and are not further than 31 weeks gestation.

Regulation of Maternal Fuel Supply and Neonatal Adiposity

This research study plans to learn about how maternal metabolism may affect baby’s growth and development during pregnancy and the first year of life. We’re looking for overweight, pregnant mothers in their first trimester of pregnancy.

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Menopause & Women’s Health

There are no studies currently looking for participants in this category.

New Studies

If you didn’t qualify or find a study that interests you, please check back with us periodically as new studies are always recruiting.

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