POUR on the Mindfulness

milkpouringintobreakfastcerealsDo you find yourself mindlessly eating when you aren’t hungry, or overeating without recognizing fullness or satisfaction? Before you eat, try this helpful exercise from our own Dr. Liz Chamberlain, and POUR mindfulness into your meal!

POUR is an acronym for Pause, Observe, Understand, Respond. Apply these steps below:



Ask yourself: what is drawing me to this food right now?


  • Am I thinking about something? Am I anxious or worried? Ruminating about something that happened? Do I want a release? A celebration?
  • Am I craving the food – the taste and feel of it?
  • Am I hungry for a meal?


  • I’m feeling stressed about work/relationships, I’m restless, I’m anxious
  • I’m bored
  • I’m hungry
  • I’m tired
  • I just want to taste that food


  • If I am hungry, my body needs food for fuel. What is a wise choice that will give me energy for the next few hours?
  • I’m I am stressed or worried, I can approach that feeling and do something about it. I can go for a walk, do something with my hands (fidget with a worry stone, knit, squeeze something), listen to music, stretch,  or take a yoga pose and some mindful breaths.
  • If I am tired, I need rest. I can rest my body and take a mindful break, trying conscious relaxation, meditation, listening to music, or letting my mind wander.
  • If I am craving that food and want to enjoy it, I can. I can play with it, and indulge all my sense by arranging it on a plate, and experience it through sight, touch, smell, and finally, taste. I can savor each bite by bringing awareness to it and set aside any distracting thoughts or feelings that may be uncomfortable.

If you would like to learn more about our mindfulness programs and many other ways to approach wellness, please contact our wellness team for an evaluation, and they can get you on the path to wellness with our staff of professionals.





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