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Ahhh….massage! You’ve seen the ads for spas offering candlelit rooms and glasses of wine after your treatment. It’s a luxury that not everyone wants or needs. Forget about those! Massage isn’t just for relaxation and pampering in a spa setting. Healing touch is a crucial element for recovery from pain, over-exertion, and other elements of daily life, and should be seen as preventative and supplemental health care. That is why we have a full staff of massage therapists here at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, and they are ready to get their hands on you!

We asked our team members for a brief introduction into their interests and specialities, so that you can choose the best therapist for your needs. Because they are located here in our fitness center, you can follow up a hard workout with some time in the steam room, a hot shower, and then a intensive recovery 80-minute massage. Running short on time? Pop in during lunch for a 50 minute session focused on a small area to help ease your way through a stressful week. Members save on subscription packages too!

Ready to meet the team? Read on!


Kelly McNamee
Spokane, Washington
Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado

Why did you want to become a massage therapist? I wanted to help people become more functional and pain free. I have always been fascinated by the human body and learning more about it, and massage therapy allows me to do just that.

What is your favorite muscle and why? My favorite muscle is the Piriformis. This muscle assists in many crucial actions of the pelvis and femur. When this muscle is stiff and/or short, it can lead to knee pain, SI joint pain, stiffness in hip joint, and sciatica-like symptoms by compressing the sciatic nerve. Lucky for you, massage can alleviate many of these symptoms!

What are your top three specialties and why?

1) Posture & Gait: Deep tissue massage and myofascial work are both amazing tools used to alleviate muscular tension, injury, strain, and fascial and structural distortion. Through these modalities we can bring the body back into harmony with gravity and take care of most pain patterns due to postural and structural deviations.

2) Joint Range of Motion: Never underestimate the power of movement! Joint range of motion is useful for assessing the condition of the joint and tissues, enhances circulation around the joint, helps increase and maintain range of motion, promotes relaxation, and decreases pain around the joint.

3) Chronic pain patterns, post-surgical, sports performance: Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is highly effective for clients who present with chronic pain and is often successful in reducing or eliminating even longstanding painful conditions. Some of the techniques can also be applied to acute injuries and for post-surgical care; many also help to improve sports performance and to prevent injuries due to these activities.

What is the number one thing you wish people knew about massage therapy? I wish people knew the full power and potential of massage therapy. There is so much more to massage therapy than Swedish/relaxation. People need to see massage therapy as a necessity rather than a luxury. The world of massage is changing and people’s ideas of massage need to change with it!!

What is your favorite part about being a massage therapist? My favorite part about being a massage therapist is getting to interact with people on a deeper level. I learn so much from my clients and I am grateful for every chance I have to change someone’s life for the better.

As a therapist, what is your philosophy? Massage offers us an opportunity to find balance, not only physically in our own body, but in life. It is my goal and duty as a massage therapist to lead my clients into a greater state of awareness, and to bring functional ease to their lives. When our body is treated and respected as a whole, anything is possible.

“Touch is not simply a luxury; it is a physiological necessity to life itself.” –Mark Manton

Fun fact about yourself? I was a Division 1 Track & Field athlete for the University of Washington for 4 years while getting my undergraduate degree in Physiology.



Sara Mattsen
Aurora, Colorado
Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado

Why did you want to become a massage therapist? I’ve always been drawn to it, during sports I’d usually end up massaging my friends and teammates.

What is your favorite muscle and why? My favorite muscle is the Psoas because it’s very important in stabilizing and balancing the pelvis. Not to mention that it’s often overlooked and untouched, but when the muscle is released it can relieve a lot of lower back pain.

What are your top three specialties and why?

1) Deep Tissue: Deep Tissue is great for people who need specific work within certain parts of their body. For instance, if someone is unable to reach their full range of motion or even has pain doing that motion, massage is a way to address that issue. Deep Tissue helps muscles work together to perform an action.

2) Myofascial: Myofascial work is important to receive for anyone who is having persistent pain because of any postural deviations. When the body is under stress, this system directly effects the rest of the overall function and structural balance in the body.

3) Sports: Sports massage is beneficial to any athlete who is working to achieve any physical goal. Weather that be, an increase in endurance, strength, or flexibility. Combining both massage with exercise helps to prevent injury and can improve athletic performance by at least 20% if not more.

What is the number one thing you wish people knew about massage therapy? I wish people knew that massage isn’t just for relaxation. It’s a great way to become more aware of our body and the potential structural deviations that most everyone has in some way, shape, or form.

What is your favorite part about being a massage therapist? My favorite part about being a massage therapist is when a client gets off the table and they not only vocalize how different their body feels but also how they hold themselves in a new way.

As a therapist, what is your philosophy? “Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as a constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. Those over forty may call it old age. And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem so prominent in their own structure, as well as others, that it has been ignored: they are off balance, they are at war with gravity.” -Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Fun Fact about yourself? I love to hike. I have hiked Machu Picchu and six 14er’s!


Matt Wadephul
Plano, IL
Cortiva Institute, St. Petersburg FL

Why did you want to become a massage therapist? To help people. I’ve always been drawn to a career where I’m active and making a difference in people’s lives daily. Massage was the perfect fit for that.

What is your favorite muscle and why? It’s actually a group of 3 muscles called the Scalenes. They play a crucial role in bending the neck side to side. I enjoy working on this group of muscles because they are constantly under tension from consistent work at a sedentary job. These little muscles can contribute to a lot of issues and it feels great having them worked on!

What are your top three specialties and why?

1) Working with runners: I am an avid runner and I understand the aches and pains associated with running. There are certain muscles that get used more than others and can cause a lot of issues. I love beings able to work out these muscles to keep athletes in top conditioning.

2) Working with individuals who sit in front of a computer for work: I love working with individuals who have a sedentary work life. I’m aware of and understand the muscles that commonly cause issues associated with inactivity. Working these muscles out can provide relief from headaches, back pain, and other issues associated with sitting for work.

3) Deep Tissue Massage: Overall I specialize in deep tissue therapy. This is a great way to alleviate symptoms deep in the muscle fibers that cause issues.

What is the number one thing you wish people knew about massage therapy? That it doesn’t have to be painful to get results. I always work with my clients and only provide as much pressure as necessary. If you are in pain in pain you will naturally tense up your muscles. This makes it harder for the therapist to work deep enough in the muscle. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum results only working to the client’s comfort level is necessary.

What is your favorite part about being a massage therapist? The reward of assisting someone get their full range of motion back and live a life that is pain free. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I can drastically improve someone’s quality of life! I also love meeting new people from a wide range of places and backgrounds.

As a therapist, what is your philosophy? I believe in an integrated approach to massage utilizing the skills I have obtained throughout my career. I am very passionate and dedicated to improving the quality of life for my clients. I will work extensively with you to determine the best course of treatment suited for your needs.

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.” -Friedrich Nietzche

Fun Fact about yourself?  I’m currently training to be on American Ninja Warrior!!


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