Paying it Forward

One of the most important benefits of the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is the community support we provide to our members. Sometimes that community support brings gifts even beyond what we could expect.

Jerry Weiss’s wife, Jenney Coberly, was an avid cyclist before being diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine serous carcinoma. The treatment for this cancer was aggressive, but Jenney maintained her passion for cycling to the end of her life, thanks to the availability of an electric bike (e-bike).

An e-bike functions by way of a motorized pedal-assist, providing power when it is needed to maintain speed and momentum, while still allowing the rider to enjoy the functional feeling of riding a bike. For people with reduced endurance or strength, either due to medical treatment or other limitations, e-bikes can offer a new opportunity to get out and experience the joys of a bike ride with friends and family.

After Jenney passed, Jerry reached out to the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center to donate Jenney’s e-bike to someone who could use it, as a way to honor her memory. We worked with Jerry to coordinate an application process, including letters of interest, from current and previous participants of the BFit BWell Cancer Exercise program here at the Center.

“Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I would ride bikes with my husband and my daughter’s family. Since cancer, I have not ridden very far. It would be such a joy to be able to ride with my grandchildren as they are active and athletic,” wrote Mary Johnson in her letter to Jerry. On June 25th, Jerry and Mary met in the lobby of the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in order to make that dream of joy come true.

“The Cancer Exercise program was more than just guidance for fitness for me. It really was the community that saved me, and this is just another example of that,” Mary said after receiving the gift of Jenney’s e-bike.

We are happy to have assisted Jerry in honoring his wife’s memory by paying it forward.

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