Nurse Loses 57 Pounds through State of Slim, Gains Much More

Before: Tina Van Wink | Photo Credit: Denver Health

Recently, Tina Van Winks lost 57 pounds by investing in her health and wellness, but she is the first to tell you that her gain is much more significant.


“I’ve gotten my health back, regained confidence in myself, and found new ways of coping with stress,” said Tina, a nurse manager in Denver Health’s Medical Surgical Unit.


Leading up to her transformation, Van Winks had become depressed, withdrawn, and worked more than 60-hours a week.


When her doctor suggested medication, she decided to make positive changes by going through State of Slim, an empowering 16-week program designed to reset and recharge your metabolism, and help transform lives.


“It’s a total lifestyle change,” Tina said.


After: Tina Van Winks with colleague Marc Fedo | Photo Credit: Denver Health

Now, she goes to the gym to de-stress instead of opening the fridge. She works out six days a week for at least an hour a day, spends more time with her family, and makes healthier eating choices.


The transformation has improved her life both at home and at work. “I feel more engaged and energetic with patients, staff, my job, and my personal life.”


Tina has become a role model for helping to create a healthier culture and environment of wellness among her colleagues and so can you.


To learn more about State of Slim, click here to visit our website or contact one of our wellness advisors at 303.724.9355. Classes start on March 24!


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