Fall into GEX: A New October Challenge at AHWC

Starting October 1, we’re launching our Fall into Group Exercise challenge! All month long, we’re encouraging our AHWC members to take as many GEX classes as you can for a chance to win prizes!

Fall into GEX 2021
Want to participate? Here’s how:
  1. Stop by the front desk to pick up a special scorecard (or grab one from your GEX instructor).
  2. Attend as many GEX classes as you like and track your participation using the cards. When you complete a class, your instructor will initial one spot on your card.
  3. Fill up a card by completing the following classes: (3) Cardio, (3) Strength, (3) Mind/Body, and (1) “Free” class.
  4. Drop your completed card in the collection box at the front desk for a chance to win big prizes!

Winners are drawn from the box every week, and there’s no limit to the number of cards you can submit. If you have further questions, please contact the front desk. 

**Challenge is valid for in-person classes only.
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