New Les Mills Group Exercise Classes Launch January 4 through 7—Members Get to Bring a Guest!

Launch your fitness resolutions into action and join us for our Les Mills Relaunch workouts with the latest music and choreography. Members get to bring a guest to any of the launch classes for free!*

Saturday, January 4
9:00am – BODYCOMBAT™ 82 with Candice and Emily (S3)
10:00am – BODYPUMP™ 112 with Candice and Trevor (S3)*

Sunday, January 5
8:30am – BODYFLOW™ 87 with Candice and Haydan (S2)
11:00am – BODYPUMP™ 112 with Nicole (S3)*

Monday, January 6
5:15pm – CXWORX™ 37 with Trevor and Karen B. (S3)

Tuesday, January 7
4:30pm – RPM™ 85 with Sunee (S1)*

Learn more about the Les Mills Relaunch classes:

Step into a BODYCOMBAT workout and you’ll punch and kick your way to fitness. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and easy to follow along, did we mention you can burn up to 740 calories in just one class? Yea, we are going to challenge you to up your intensity but we will also be motivating you along the way. Release stress, feel incredible and oh yea, burn up to 740 calories in one class.
Try BODYCOMBAT if you want to: feel empowered, fuel cardio fitness, train your full body

BODYPUMP is the ultimate calorie burning resistance training workout. Get ready to “rep it out” when you join our high achieving BODYPUMP Launch at the start of the new year. The effectiveness of BODYPUMP comes from The Rep Effect, a proven formula that exhausts muscles using light weights, while performing high repetitions – this is the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle.
Try BODYPUMP if you want to: achieve more, tone from head to toe, create long lasting metabolic changes

BODYFLOW is flexibility at its best, you will lengthen and strengthen your way through a motivating blend of yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. This workout is focused on the physical and mental benefits of moving with your breath, increasing flexibility and establishing calm and wellbeing.
Try BODYFLOW if you want to: feel restored, reduce stress, strengthen your core

CXWORX is the vital ingredient for a stronger body. A stronger core makes you better at everything you do. We will throw many challenges your way in this core focused 30-minute workout but there will always be options so you can take on any level of challenge you’re ready for that day. Way more than just your average sit-up work, expect to use resistance tubes, weight plates, and powerful body weight exercises.
Try CXWORX if you want to: feel quick results, a core and glute workout in one, improve functional strength quickly

RPM™ takes you on a journey of exciting hill climbs, fast forward sprints and flat roads in a pumped up motivational group ride. Improve your aerobic fitness as we challenge you to reach your cardio peak then ease back down, keeping pace with the pack to lift your personal performance and take you on a ride like no other burning up to 675 calories per class.
Try RPM if you want to: feel completely motivated, burn calories and fat, improve your aerobic fitness

*Registration is required for BODYPUMP and RPM.
Members: Register through the app. Stop by or call then the front desk (303-724-9355) to register your guest. Classes are available on a first come, first served basis until capacity is reached.

Les Mills Relaunch

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center