Member Spotlight: Mandi Singleton

chad & mandi singleton

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) Member Mandi Singleton, tells the story of how weight training at AHWC led her to find love and empowerment in her personal life.

“I joined AHWC in March of 2014 to get back into weight training after a running injury from a half marathon I had completed. I loved that the gym was close to my house, the health assessment I received when I first started, the spa-like feel of the locker room, and the individualized workouts on the ‘key’ they had at the time, which fit into the machines. I went to the gym off and on for years while I played in numerous local volleyball leagues and did occasional running races.

In January of 2016, the owners of Cedar Creek Pub (Tony and Scott) near the fitness center introduced me to Chad Singleton who was a trainer at AHWC. I remembered him as the guy who walked around the floor and offered to get me towels during my workouts. Chad and I started dating and I ended up joining his FIT Group at the gym. I fell in love with lifting weights for strength instead of just “being toned.” After a few months, I began to train in semi-private training sessions with other members of his powerlifting group and competed in my first deadlift-only meet in September 2016, where I received a first-place medal—I was hooked! I then competed in my first full powerlifting meet (squat, bench, deadlift) in September 2017 where I ended up five pounds away from a third-place medal in the most competitive division.

Chad and I were married in January 2017 and we continue to strength train together three to four times per week at AHWC. We transition between muscle endurance training, muscle volume training, and strength training and continue to compete in charity lifting meets, as well as USAPL-sanctioned powerlifting meets.

The empowerment from powerlifting inspired me to start a weight lifting club for students and staff at the school where I was a teacher. I received a grant from our district wellness committee to update our weight room, and Chad planned and led the workouts for us at the school—it was a huge hit! We had between 8-10 students and 10 staff members attend our sessions regularly. It inspired Chad to pursue an alternative teaching license and me to pursue my principal license. Powerlifting has empowered me to pursue more career goals and has given me the self-confidence I needed to complete them. It has also made little things in life so much easier. I find that carrying groceries, climbing stairs, skiing, hiking, golfing, and my stability, mobility, and balance are top-notch. I am so glad I joined AHWC where I met my husband and discovered my love of strength sports.”

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