Member Spotlight: Krishna Madhavan

Krishna MadhavanWhat made you choose AHWC for your fitness membership?

“I work on campus, so the center is a good location close to work.”

What do you do here on the Anschutz Medical Campus?

“I am a Research Scientist at Pediatrics Oncology. I work on the delivery of chemotherapeutics into brain tumors in children using nanoparticles as well as study the mechanisms of certain genes in cancer.”

When did you join?

“I joined on April 18, 2018.”

Are you working with a trainer?

“I primarily work with Austin Neuerburg in fitness and Matt Wadephul for my massages.”

What do you enjoy about working with Austin?

“Austin is a very nice guy who understands my requirements, knows my physical limitations and pushes me to workout accordingly. He also encourages and inspires me so much.”

What successes have you achieved since becoming a member?

“I have been able to work out regularly 2-3 times a week and during earlier this summer (May, June, and July) I have lost a total of 29 lbs. I have also been able to run up to 3 miles and increase my pace. It feels good!”

Can you share more information about your fitness history?

“I first injured my back in March 2008 and then reinjured it with a muscle pull in the same area in June of 2018. During my first injury in 2008, I had to go to physiotherapy for 6 semesters before the pain was relieved. With my second injury in 2018, I met Matt for a massage session within a few days and he relieved the pain in one session. Since then I have worked with him and Austin to improve the strength of that muscle. My recovery the second time around was much faster and easier than with my previous injury.”

What are your fitness goals in the future and how are we helping you achieve them?

“Initially, I worked towards improving posture and strengthening my back and ankles. Now, I am more focused on weight loss. I would probably like to lose another 10 lbs. while gaining more strength and endurance capacity. Austin and Matt have helped me realize the goals with structured programs for all of this. I don’t feel weak or tired at all.”

What’s your favorite class to take or equipment to use?

“I love doing most of the cardio and the low-impact stuff.”


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