Member Spotlight: Chad Singleton

chad & mandi ahwcFormer Fitness Specialist and current member, Chad Singleton, shares his story of fitness and finding love at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC).

“Before I was hired on as a fitness specialist at AHWC, I was a Colorado State Champion and Deadlift record holder, and an experienced personal trainer. Even before my interview at the center, I knew I wanted to work there. It is a place for opportunity and I was surrounded by wonderful people of talent, knowledge, and incredible backgrounds. AHWC was where I discovered what I am capable of doing. I first learned about it through my father, a fire protection engineer, who was working on a major project on the Medical Campus. Also, through my mom and two younger sisters, Emily and Anna, when they attended the Women’s Wellness Weekend at the Broadmoor Hotel. I built my clientele from the ground up while working as a floor staff member, created the FIT group and semi-private training programs, and organized a powerlifting team. In 2016, our team collected 13 medals in four competitions (9 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals).

The main reason why the AHWC is so special to me is because it is where I met Mandi Ruud. Mandi is my wife, the strongest, most beautiful person, and my training partner. She was a member of my FIT group program and the powerlifting team. Mandi won her first deadlift championship a week before I proposed to her. We continue to train at AHWC for our powerlifting competitions and together we started our own weightlifting programs.

The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is not only our workout facility and where we discovered each other, but it is also like one of our homes. Powerlifting and strength training empowered Mandi to go for her principal’slLicense and obtain a position as an administrator. It was the change she was searching for after being a teacher for fifteen years. My experience in fitness and wellness, my desire to empower others, and inspiration from Mandi, made me want to pursue teaching in physical education. Right now, I am attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most pounds lifted in an hour – sumo deadlift.

Along with my wife and family, I also want to dedicate this to the following people:

Ron Garofalo, Maria Portelli, Cameron Lewis, Chris Donabella, Kevin McCarthy, Phil Davis, Molly Kemmer, John Paro, Mark Siebert, Caitlin Winkler, Mia Clark, Adam Ortiz, Emily Westfall, Ben Gilliam, and all the wonderful trainers and staff.”


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