Member Spotlight: Bradley Gulley

I came to the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center through the State of Slim Program after a work colleague encouraged me to join. I wanted to make a lifestyle change. During the workout portion of that program, I became a “gym person.” The gym had always been an intimidating place but the trainers made me feel comfortable and showed me how successful I could be. I lost almost 80 pounds through two sessions of the State of Slim, but more importantly, it helped change my life.

The personal training I continue to receive has not only kept me strong and healthy but has shown me all I am capable of. My trainer, Lauren Heap, is the perfect mix of cheerleader, drill sergeant, and friend. She pushes me to do and be more. She cares about my wellbeing and it is more than just that hour we spend together, she helps me throughout the week with workout plans, making sure my eating and sleeping are on track and just checking in on me. We set goals and I feel so accomplished when I reach them. Last summer, I completed five 14-ers and I plan to do more this year, too! I’ve also grown to love the rowing machines and my favorite exercise is completing heavy squats and deadlifts with some time on the stairs to finish it all!

Everyone at the center is friendly and truly cares about their jobs and their members. When I come in, it feels like home. I am greeted by name and know that I am supported by everyone there to meet my fitness goals.

Before coming to the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, I was watching life happen around me and not participating which made me lonely and depressed. Now I am living the life I have dreamed of. I am active and find myself saying “yes” to adventures and feeling confident to take on whatever else life throws at me.