Member Spotlight: Maggie Dines

Emily and Maggie

This month, we spoke to AHWC member Maggie Dines about her fitness journey.

Maggie has been a member at AHWC since April 2019. She chose to join AHWC about six months before an upcoming weight loss surgery, and she started training every week with Emily in May 2019.

“I wanted to learn to develop the skills and tools to ensure that I would succeed after surgery. Getting the surgery was just a tool to have in my tool belt. Just like a gym membership, if you don’t use the tool or skill set, it won’t be effective!” she said.

As for her experience working with Emily? Maggie has found it a valuable relationship, explaining, “Emily is a true partner with me on my journey and goals. She encourages, motivates, holds me accountable, and is honestly my number one fan cheering me on! Yes, she has developed and helped me achieve my fitness goals, but it’s more than that when you develop a relationship with someone who truly cares and sees your beauty at 315lbs the same way she sees my beauty at 185lbs. Her role in my life is one of the main reasons I am where I am today!”

All her hard work has paid off, too. Maggie is proud to share that “since meeting Emily, I have lost 130lbs and maintained it for almost 2 years! My two-year anniversary of my surgery will be in October.”

And that’s not her only achievement – in fact, Maggie has hit a number of goals. She’s most proud of her “ability to run a 5k in 34 minutes, getting my deadlift to 160 (working towards 200 by the end of the year), and little things like how my arms and legs have true muscle tone definition! And, honestly, just being healthy enough to do new, physically demanding things like ski, ice skate, a 9-mile backpacking trip!”

However, there’s another surprising activity that has had an impact on Maggie’s journey – skydiving. “Skydiving was my goal I had to do once I was under 200lbs! Covid delayed my ability to jump but I was able to celebrate this past May finally by jumping out of a plane!!”

Maggie Skydives

So, what’s her next goal? Well, Maggie wants to focus on maintenance and keeping up with everything she’s learned. She also wants to “hike my first 14er this summer, as well as do the Manitou Incline! Get my deadlift to 200lbs, and stay a regular at the gym for life! There will always be new goals!”

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