What Your Fitness Routine is Missing (Hint: There’s a Pattern to it!)

Have you been chasing the same fitness goals for years now, with no luck? Doing the same exercises at the gym but not seeing much result? Does it hurt when you perform daily activities like walking up the stairs or picking up a weighted object off the floor?

There’s a good chance your workout routine is missing something important. But don’t fret, we’ve got good news . . . we know what’s missing.

Ok, cut the suspense already! What is it?

It’s called a Functional Movement Screen—a fancy way of saying let’s take a closer look at your movement pattern quality. What is holding you back from your goals can be found in how your body moves. Once you identify the specific problem, a solution can easily be developed.

That sounds great, right? But what exactly does this mean?

Well, let’s break it down to how this screen can help you personally:

  1. Think about your body like a house. If you are building a house, you cannot show up to the construction site on Day 1 and start painting the walls and hanging up pictures, right? Your body is the same. Attempting to walk into a gym and perform a squat without having a strong foundation, is like trying to paint the walls of a house that does not have them built yet– it is not going to be too successful.
  2. Build a fitness program that’s right for you. Starting with a Functional Movement Screen, led by a trained fitness expert, will ensure you start a fitness program that gives your workout the foundation it needs so you’re working smarter, not harder.
  3. Functional Movement Screens are for EVERYONE! No matter what your current fitness level, you’ll see big benefits in doing a Functional Movement Screen before your next workout.

Want to get a functional movement screen? Just stop by the front desk or call 303-724-9355 to sign up. The screen takes about 30 minutes.


Anschutz Health and Wellness Center