Keep Your Mind and Body Engaged With This 14-Day Challenge

For better or worse, the majority of us are homebound. So, let’s keep the mind and body engaged by taking on the 14-Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. 

BONUS: Keep yourself accountable by journaling or doing the challenge with a friend or family!

How it works

1. Create a 14-day schedule by focusing on one of the following themes: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.

2. Jot down an activity that represents the theme i.e., movement: complete ten squats, ten lunges, and ten pushups

3. Choose a different topic every day to keep things interesting. 

4. Below is a sample schedule that might work for you, but feel free to create your own.

Example Schedule

Day 1: Mindset

Your mind is a powerful muscle. If you find yourself worried, bored, or frustrated at the current situation, know that you are not alone, and remind yourself that this is not forever, and there is always a silver lining. Click here for tips on coping with difficulties

Day 2: Nutrition

Aim to drink half your body weight in fl oz of water. Hydration plays a significant role in supporting your body and brain, and it’s the foundation of healthy nutrition. Drink up!

Day 3: Movement

Take five minutes to stretch first thing in the morning. Adding just a little bit of movement early in the day can get the blood flowing in your body, provide energy, and improve your mood.  

Day 4: Recovery

Start or end your day with 5 minutes of mindful meditation. There are plenty of resources online, including guided meditations. 

Day 5: Mindset

Check-in with your family and friends – especially the extroverted ones! Give them a call or text and tell them a funny story. Laughing or smiling releases endorphins and boosts mood. Plus, by brightening someone else’s day, you can brighten your own as well!

Day 6: Nutrition

Make protein a priority in your meals by including chicken, tofu, chickpeas, or other healthy proteins. Protein helps satisfy hunger and fuel muscle building and recovery.

Day 7: Recovery

Take a walk around the neighborhood, enjoy the sun, clear your mind, sharpen your focus, give your eyes a break from screens.

Day 8: Mindset

Have you wanted to do something for a while but never got around to it? Set a goal, write it down, and commit. Whether it’s refurbishing a piece of furniture, trying yoga, completing a wheel pose, or cooking a new recipe – now is an excellent time to explore. 

Day 9: Movement

Instead of going straight to your computer right after you wake up, keep your routine up by doing what you usually do during the workweek: Make coffee, workout, stretch, walk the dog, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, shower, etc.  

Day 10: Nutrition

Add a colorful vegetable to your plate that you’ve never tried before! If you’ve eaten a vegetable in the past and didn’t enjoy it, try cooking it differently or use different seasoning. 

Day 11: Recovery

Improve your sleep and create a bedtime routine that can include drinking a glass of water and avoiding screen time before bed – two proven methods for improving sleep quality. Implement your new routine tonight for a better tomorrow.

Day 12: Nutrition

Focus on eating your meals and savor each bite. Turn off the TV, put your phone to the side and enjoy your meal.  

Day 13: Movement

Take some time to wash your car, clean your house, or organize the room that you’ve needed to do for some time. 

Day 14: Mindset

Write down three ways you’ve positively impacted people within your circle of influence!

What happens after the challenge?

At the end of your 14-day challenge, take a few minutes to evaluate what you tried. Are there a few things you didn’t try but would like to? What didn’t work, and what can you do differently? What are things that did work, and can you apply it to your daily life? 

Do a little more each day, and soon you’ll find that it’s easier to add more healthy habits and change your lifestyle for the better!

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