Josh & Kelli

ewl5 josh kelli

  • Josh, a gay firefighter from Omaha, NE, struggles to deal with the death of his father
  • Kelli, a former college basketball player from Kansas City, MO, has been depressed since her playing career ended
  • To take back their lives, Josh works to quit his bad habits while Kelli strives to get past her post-career depression

Dr. Holly’s Insights

If you missed last night’s Extreme Weight Loss episode, I really encourage you to go back and watch it because it deals with the biggest thing my clients struggle with too: bumps in the road. I see it all the time. They will be doing great, losing lots of weight and transforming, until a bump in the road happens.

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With Josh and Kelli, they were both victims to life’s bumps in the road. But the truth is, everyone has bumps in the road that derail us from our passion and purpose. The difference is, what are you going to do when life throws you a curve ball? It can either make you stronger or break you.

ewl5 kelli

I hear from so many of you that you wish you could have been chosen for an experience like Extreme Weight Loss. And while EWL is an amazing show, it’s unlikely that most people will be chosen to be cast for it. That’s why I created Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. I wanted a place where everyone could have the same experience as the participants on the show, with the same access to the top weight loss program. It’s coached by EWL alum like Bruce Pitcher and Georgeanna Johnson, all of the training equipment and medical evaluations are the same as Phase 1 of EWL boot camp, and it’s where the EWL Pay It Forward friends/family come. It always sells out and we have just a few spots left in our June and July sessions so sign up soon!