Instructor Spotlight: Sarah V.

Sarah VenableGet to know more about Group Exercise Fitness Instructor, Sarah Venable. Find out more about her teaching style and what keeps her motivated.

What classes do you teach at the AHWC?

“Cross-Training Revolution- a fun weights with cardio workout! I also teach cardio HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and core.”

What made you choose to teach this style of class?

“I love teaching a faster tempo class, my love for weights and cardio make it a perfect fit!”

What is unique about your teaching style?

“My style is upbeat, functional, and will always keep your mind and body guessing what’s next!”

What’s the one thing you HAVE to have in order to work out?

“A headband! It’s a must to keep that sweat out of my eyes!

What motivates you?

“Making people feel better and confident in moving their body. When someone comes to me and says “I never thought I could do that, I feel so good!” That’s what makes me know I am helping make a difference in someone’s life.”

Name some of your hobbies.

“Mountain biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and cooking”

To join one of Sarah’s classes, visit our full Group Ex schedule HERE.

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