Instructor Spotlight: Maggie S.

Maggie Sommers

Meet Group Ex Instructor, Maggie Sommers. Discover what’s unique about her instructing style and about the people (and pets) that motivate her!

What classes do you teach at the AHWC?

“I teach cycle and barre classes.”

What made you choose to teach these classes?

“I enjoyed taking those classes (and still do) and so when an opportunity came up to become certified in those styles I jumped at the chance! I love teaching and watching students become stronger and more confident with themselves.”

What is unique about your teaching style?

“I want all of my students to know that they are all welcome in my class, regardless of fitness level or knowledge of that style of class. I encourage each person to start where they are. Often times we measure ourselves against others and that can be de-motivating. I want everyone to know that they matter and feel wanted when they’re taking my classes. BUT, I also want people to challenge themselves and push their edge.”

What’s the one thing you HAVE to have in order to work out?

“A sweatband and towel! I just drip sweat when I’m on the bike.”

What motivates you?

“My students motivate me to be my best self. My husband, Eric, motivates me to push my edge outside of the gym. My dogs, Lucy and Lilly, motivate me to stay in the moment and experience joy as often as possible.”

Name some of your hobbies.

“Traveling, hiking, mala making, and writing.”

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