Indoor Activities that Engage the Mind + Body

We’re all here for binge-watching a TV series (Tiger King) or playing games (Animal Crossing, anyone?), but in between these binges, there’s no time like now to try new activities.

Below are a few suggestions that require little to no screen time to engage your mind, body, and senses. 

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Start a mini home garden

Potted plants and two hands

Most stores carry potted herbs that you can continue to tend to and make sure to understand the kind of attention each plant needs. Try growing sprouts (click here for recipe) or regrow any leftover spring onions by placing it in a jar of water.

Learn a new recipe every week

Activities: Cooking with father and daughter

Trying new recipes can teach you how to cook vegetables in a different way or prep meals using ingredients you’ve never used before. From one-pan sheet meals and two-ingredient snacks to mouth-watering desserts, our library of meals is endless. 

Learn a dance routine

Activities: mother and daughter dancing

There are thousands of dance routines on the internet that can keep you moving. Pick a popular dance from artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna, or Todrick Hall. If none of the popular dances strike your fancy, try rumba, east coast swing, bolero, or any other ballroom styles. Remember, don’t get caught up on perfecting your move, but have fun!

Boost your mood by working out

Activities: woman stretching/ workout

There are a million reasons why exercising is right for you, but one thing we know is it can improve your mood tremendously. From walking and running to strength training and HIIT…

“…even small improvements in exercise levels… [can] create a positive upward spiral that increases the sensitivity of the dopamine receptors that signal reward, so that exercise will eventually become rewarding, even if that seems unimaginable at the outset.” Christopher Bergland, Psychology Today.

Keep yourself accountable and plan your workouts ahead of time. If you’re working with a personal trainer, check-in with them! 

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