22 Effort-Free Ways to Improve Your Health and Vitality

Your health should always be a priority and the good news is, it’s not as difficult as we think because when it comes to boosting your vitality, it’s the little things that count.

Nutrition Tips

Woman eating for a better health

1. Keep a one-week food diary to ensure you’re hitting all your nutrient goals (try using the free app MyFitnessPal).

2. Every week sample a new seasonal vegetable (or vegetable recipe) you’ve never tried before.

3. Improve your vegetable and fruit intake by stocking up on frozen and canned goods. Check labels to make sure there’s no added salt, sugar or sweeteners.

4. Anticipate your low energy times of day and plan in advance for a nutrient-packed snack. 

5. If you’re tempted to eat when you’re not truly hungry, distract yourself with an activity incompatible with eating, such as playing with your pet or cleaning your teeth. 

You can find more advice on the best fuel for your body here

Sleep Tips

Man sleeping

6. Encourage your body to wind down at night by keeping daily deadlines for your final stimulant of the day – last coffee, laptop close, final phone screen scroll. 

7. Manage your sleeping environment for optimal rest – keep your room tidy, temperate, and free of blue light from electronic devices. 

8. Measure your sleep. Use a sleep app to check you’re meeting your goals and track your progress over time. 

9. Set a weekday bedtime that’s appropriate for your nature and your household. Structure your habits to adhere to it on most days. 

10. Getting ready for bed can take a lot of effort, so get organized early while you still have the energy. Try starting on your following day preparations early evening or even afternoon. 

You can learn more about establishing good sleep habits here.

Hydration Tips

Woman drinking water for better health

11. Reach your water quota by starting early in the day. 

12. Line up multiple water bottles in your fridge and grab one every time you hop in the car. 

13. Motivate yourself to drink more water by investing in multiple cool-looking bottles that you enjoy using.  

14. Reach your daily water quota via a variety of formats – such as water bottles, decaffeinated herbal tea, water cooler at work, sparkling water at dinner. 

15. Look for opportunities to add water to your daily routine. For example, always have a glass in a meeting or while you wait for takeaway coffee.  

16. Make it your policy to never say no to a glass of water when you’re offered one. 

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General Wellness Tips

Man meditating for better health

17. Fresh air, sunshine, and green space all help with mental wellness, so try to take time outside every day.

18. During your workday, take a few minutes to stretch to increase blood circulation to your brain. 

19. Make meditation part of your daily routine. You can try our Mindful Monday series, or download a meditation app.  

20. Once or twice a week, try having a bath or reading a book instead of watching TV. 

21. A schedule that’s too busy can zap your vitality. Consider streamlining your commitments so you can give better energy to the most important things and enjoy them more.

22. Do what you love! Take time to pursue the hobbies and interests that you enjoy, these activities will invigorate and energize you.

This piece originally appeared on lesmills.com.

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